Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Bridge: Making Post Caps

When working in the yard on a perfect winter day, it's important to have a nice environment, like in the shade of our giant bamboo, just next to the mango tree. Of course, I had to set this up on my own. My project manager couldn't care less about my workplace or my sense of well-being.

Home Depot sells 6x6 post caps for about $15 each. I can make them for nothing from the project's scrap lumber, saving us over $100. My manager wants to know how long will it take to make them.

Don't worry about it, I answer.

You can't buy pressure-treated molding from the store, so I cut my own trim pieces with my router. Is this an efficient use of time? Yes, it just takes a while. Go have some coffee and let me work.

The pieces can be wiggly, so I tape them together first then nail them to the bottom of the caps.

Jam takes a look and decides it was a good idea after all (and apparently it was even his idea). It's tough being the project manager.

Here are the caps roughly assembled.

Next: draw-boring the mortise and tenon joints of the handrails.

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