Friday, April 10, 2009

The List

Yesterday Willow was on the job site to inspect my work. As usual she was cranky about the mess--I tend to leave tools all over the place while working.

It's really amazing how many tools you need to do a job like this. Let's see: a hammer, a drill, a measuring square, drill bits, carpenters glue, high-strength adhesive, a dremel tool (I had to cut the metal strips in one place), vice grips (to bend the metal), nails, a nail punch, sand paper, wood chisels, a jack plane (which I've blogged about before and is one of my favorites), masking tape, a glue gun, a razor blade cutter, measuring tape, a hacksaw, a flush-cut saw, not to mention the lumber and the table saw and miter saw (which I keep in the garage). Honestly, is there anything sadder than someone who enjoys reciting a list of meaningless items? Let's see, there's coconut shrimp, lemon shrimp, garlic shrimp, fried shrimp, boiled shrimp...

Because yesterday was a holiday for many non-pagans, and because I didn't get any messages on my brain phone, I actually finished all the trim and cleaned up the area. Probably tomorrow I'll put on a coat of finish (the blue tape will keep it off the window panes). And finally I'll paint the wall around the trim.

Everything went quickly this time. I knew from experience what to do and what not to do, how to cut the angles, etc. Still (and I was hoping to avoid this analogy), I will always remember (sigh) my first time.

In the meantime I've noticed that the notorious and cowardly Sri Lankan biobot weevils are missing from their usual hideouts in the back yard. Coincidentally, my friend Dave (the emperor) has suffered a flare-up of a mysterious illness, and I fear that it could be a case of retaliation, a cowardly attempt by those pathetic piss bugs to go after my friends. They will pay for this.


  1. The window looks great, Fred, what about my bathroom??????????

  2. It's on the list. There's currently a supply-chain problem, though, so we are actively seeking donations. Willow is the project coordinator, and she is a tough #*$&&#.