Sunday, April 5, 2009

Window Project--In the Zone

Here it is Sunday, and I'm bewildered by the state of the window project. Yesterday morning I took my crow bar and hack saw to the old window to pull it out, knowing that any number of demons might be waiting to torment me, but in only a few minutes the window was out, leaving a nice, clean opening that was sound (no termites, ants or wood rot), sturdy and, coincidentally, just the right size for my new window.

I stood looking through the hole and into the back yard for quite some time, wondering if I had become delusional--was it possible that nothing else needed to be done? The last window I put in took over a week and I had to rebuild the entire wall. Do I have a guardian angel after all? Or is fate toying with me?

I think I'm done, I said cautiously to Cheryl, as a way of sharing my joy about the near perfect hole in the wall. I'm guessing that she mistook my meaning, considering the big hole in the wall. Here she is, in her natural habitat: reading on the back porch. I took this shot through the same hole in the wall. I know it's too dark, but isn't she cute?

With the hole prep work miraculously over, I prepared the new window by attaching the metal fasteners (about 1 hour). Then I called my friend Alan to help me put the window in place. He brought over his kids, aged 5 and 2, and they are really cute and good kids. At one point I went outside to check the alignment, and the boys locked the door so I couldn't get back in. Alan was holding the window in place and couldn't let go. The boys tried but couldn't get the door unlocked, so we all laughed for quite awhile. Later we all played frisbee with Willow, and then I, still amazed at my good fortune, took a nap.

This morning I wondered if it was a dream, but there is was, just like I left it. I sprayed expanding foam into the space around the window, and it's now very snug and comfortable. This wall has a concrete plaster, so I'll need to glue the trim in place. That's OK. Who's complaining? (Not me.)

And then today Cheryl and I went to Home Depot, but not the one we usually go to. She suggested a different store and, with wonders not ceasing, they had exactly the pine boards I wanted. (Is she also part of this scheme?) So I came home and took another nap. If I'm not thwarted in some way and I don't slow down, the project will be over before I know it.

Life is OK when things go your way, especially when doing things better done by professionals. More later.

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