Sunday, December 26, 2010

The BB (Big Bathroom) Project

After months of preliminary planning (waffling on my part), the big bathroom project is officially underway. Cheryl and I found some tiles and a design plan that we both like--these are green Huichol handmade tiles from Mexico. Unfortunately we found them in Arizona and will need to ship them to Florida (expensive). Oh, well.

We had expected to use a more traditional Talevera-type geometric pattern, but the wavy watery design of the running border tile grows on you. There's a cute sink that goes with it, too. When we get back, I'll do the dimensions and place the order.

Deciding on the tile was crucial, but it will be weeks before they actually get set into place. When I think of all the prep word that needs to be done, I am sorely tempted to throw up.

-- First, I'll draw up the detail tile plan.
-- Then we'll strip everything out of the bathroom, including the toilet and sink.
-- The existing tiled walls come out completely, down to the 2 x 4s, a huge and nasty job in itself. If I'm correct, I will then need to remove and replace some of the termite-eaten and water-rotted framing.
-- I'll need to sand or strip the old door frame.
-- The old, cracked tile floor will come out. I'll be replacing this with oak.
-- I'll remove the old plumbing and install the new. We'll get some cute old-timey faucets, and I'll fix the overflow drain so that the overflow no longer pours down into the kitchen. (I wonder who thought that was a good idea?)
-- The cement wallboard then goes in for the tiled areas, and sheet rock for the painted areas.
-- The door frames, walls and ceiling will get some paint.
-- Finally the tile will get set onto the wallboard. We're planning to frame in a mirror with the decorative pieces. Then I'll grout and finish the tile.
-- The oak floor goes in.
-- I'll need to find a nice table or stand for the ceramic sink, fasten this to the wall and plumb.
-- The toilet comes back.

All done.

Excuse me while I throw up.

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