Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Party

Our Christmas party on Saturday went pretty well. Cheryl and I started with the food mostly on Friday, with trips to three grocery stores to get everything we needed, including the 60 fat poblano chilies: 30 for the soup and 30 for the stuffed poblano entrees (stuffed with shrimp, small bits of apple and almonds).

Here are some of the chilies roasting on the grill. These weren't particularly spicy--you just never know with poblanos. I cleaned out all of the poblanos from one Mexican grocery while the produce manager gave me the stink eye.

We had spicy appetizers, poblano soup, followed by heart of palm tart, spicy pork in banana leaves, the stuffed peppers, a salad, and some garlic and chili black beans. Bob and Suzanne helped us out with the banana leaves (we had already decimated our tree when we made the dish a few weeks ago). As usual Patrick brought some great deserts: a berry pie, cheese cake and a chocolate cake.

If there's one thing Cheryl and I agree on, it's garlic. We probably used 3 or 4 heads of garlic in all. The more, the better.

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  1. It was a fabulous party as always, thank you so much for including us - hope you both have safe travels over the holidays!