Friday, February 25, 2011

Finally, I'm Starting to Get It

By this time a normal person would have become suspicious or at least a little curious. What started out as a simple hobby for me has turned into a major corporate enterprise, with layers of bureaucracy and with me at the bottom, even though I'm just fixing up our house, just some minor remodeling, with no discernible financial interest to anyone else. A normal person would have wondered how this all happened.

Possibly it's because I've spent so much money at Home Depot that the store now considers me an asset, a sort of branch company? Maybe Willow and Berkeley are really here to make sure that I dump as much money as possible into Home Depot--but only so much as we can afford over time (considerating the recent financial meltdown) without going bankrupt.

Then recently (and again, a normal person would have seen this coming, but what do I know about economics?) this new corporation had become successful enough to attract attention and some investors, so that speculation over how much stuff I might buy in the future (or how much I wouldn't buy) is now fueling its own revenue stream.

It's no wonder that these corporate lackeys and professional gamblers are not interested in my opinions about how things should be done, even though I am the do-er of those things. Even more so, now they insist that my opinions actually poison the process, quick to blame everythng on me.

Notice how they pose with such sincerity for the cameras. Corporate dogs.

Yes, I have been naive, but this is not over.

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