Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Twittering the Project

Just like I thought, the recent flurry of news about demonstrations, social media, collective bargaining, credit crunches, etc., etc., have left our operation here in a state of flux, with management behind closed doors for a couple days until, finally, this morning they emerged for a press conference.

Normally they would have just called me into their office for a talk (or from my perspective, a listen), but this time Willow (the project manager) and Berkeley (who somehow is her boss now) went straight to the cameras and for a prepared speech.

Ever since my Power to the People diatribe the other day--which was said mostly in jest, as anyone would know--I've noticed an icy chill around here, so I should have seen this coming. I should have known that management would be on pins and needles worrying about what might come next, whether I might start Tweeting about them or Facebooking about them (even though I abstain from such technology) and bring about a collapse of their regimes, if such a thing a possible for two silly dogs who have no business being in charge of anything.

I'm listening to Berkeley now. She's very serious, talking about how it is no longer possible to negotiate with me directly. Instead, she says, in the interest of the project, in the interest of fairness (what she means is: in her interest), we will all be entering a new phase. From this point forward, they will do the telling and I will do the doing.

My cell phone rings. "Stop work now. We are with you," the voice says.

"Who the heck are you?" I ask.

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