Monday, May 30, 2011

The Sink Project

Knowing that we'd have company by next weekend, I made a bold adjustment to the project schedule, essentially breaking out the bathroom sink as a separate project of its own, which meant grouting the tile, attaching the Mexican sink to the tile, installing the faucets and completing the plumbing under the sink. Otherwise our guests would not have a place to wash their hands.

Normally I'd need several meetings with the project manager to get such a drastic change approved. We'd draw up a change in scope and wrestle with the existing project plan to get the arrows, lines, triangles and colors in the proper configuration. Then there's document review, another meeting for scheduling and yet another for manpower adjustment and then final management review. And by that time, our guests would have already been here and gone.

So, even though I'm just a worker bee, I made an execute decision to finish the sink with no supporting ISO-compliant documentation. In two days the work was done.

Of course, Willow will take credit for the sink when our guests arrive. She'll brag about our adaptable and facile corporate structure. In the meantime she is not pleased with me at all.

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