Sunday, May 1, 2011

Out of the Routine

With my right hand still pretty gimped, the bathroom project is at a complete stop, waiting within my eyesight here in the office, just as I type this, if I tilt my head to the left a few inches. The green tile is shimmering on the wall. "Have you forgotten me?" it says with a sigh when I peek.

And the other after-effects of the microwave fire continue to deprive us of our normal routine. We're shopping for appliances, evaluating new home security systems, working with the insurance company and some contractors, eating cold stuff from the fridge. And lately a software problem at work is giving me fits and consuming my other "free" time, something that I've resolved to appreciate, with appropriate regularity, as soon as I get it back.

But the hard fact is this: right now my hand is wrapped in a dressing that I can't get wet. No cutting tile with the wet saw. Maybe one more week and my burns will be healed enough that I can get back into the routine.

I'm not complaining.

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