Monday, April 25, 2011

Cleaning Crew

We have a fire restoration company working to bring everything back to pre-fire conditions, but in some cases, as with the cleaning away of soot today, the condition will be improved since our cleaning crew is working in places that have been long neglected, like the tops of the kitchen cabinets.

One of the cleaners told me how glad he was to have some work. He gets paid by the hour instead of salary. So a fire or flood is, in that regard, good news for him. It's some steady work for a few days.

Being a virtual idiot in economics, I am overwhelmed by all the things I don't know; like how so many people can make a living and survive on the shifting sands of supply and demand, and how people can feed their families and pay off mortgages with uncertain wages, working in an economy that is slowly circling the big toilet bowl.

Cheryl and I are lucky to have steady work. We are lucky in many ways. I'm glad at least some good has come from the fire--at least the restoration people are working.

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