Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beauty and Imperfection

If the secret of true beauty is imperfection, then I am quite beautiful, and our new bathroom tiles may be the most beautiful tiles on earth.

Almost all of these hand-made tiles are curved and buckled and many of them are comically out of square. I knew this from the start--I swore I'd never use this type of tile, I said this again and again to Cheryl, who made sure we visited that Mexican tile place at Christmas time.

To start, I fastened some boards level near the bottom of the 3 connecting walls and marked off some grid lines. The boards support the tiles and keep them from sagging while I'm setting them in place. Later I'll remove the boards, put down the new floor tiles (which we still haven't picked out) and then install the bottom row of wall tiles.

I had pre-cut some corners so that I could install an accent piece in my initial run. And then, despite myself, I could find no reason not to begin tiling. So I did.

I found it cumbersome to get into a rhythm at first. And after the first 3 or 4 were on the wall, I started to doubt the whole project and the purpose of my existence. I couldn't even get 2 tiles to line up.

But then the bigger picture began to emerge. The tiles are highly reflective and the curved surfaces create an unusual characteristic, though I can't seem to capture it with a photo yet. Beautiful, I think.

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