Sunday, April 24, 2011

Just to be Safe

My laptop has a fingerprint reader that I use to log on, but for some reason it is not able to see my fingerprint through the bandages and the burns on my index finger. So Monday morning I was stuck. The only recourse, the only way I could do any work, was to somehow remember that password I created over a year ago and that I then never used again, never imagining that someday my index finger would not be available for scanning.

To make things worse I have countless passwords--for work, for online banking, for online shopping, and so on--all of them different, but not all are written down. Apparently I never bothered to write down the computer's password.

But now we are very safety and security conscious. We just got a new fire extinguisher. We're looking at getting a new home security system and fire-proof safe. And when I went to see the doctor this week, I put Willow in the backyard. Just in case.

Then on Friday Cheryl and I went to my appointment at Tampa General Hospital's burn unit. After seeing some of the other patients there, I realized how minor my burns are. They cut away all the remaining blisters on my hands and wrapped me up and patted me on the head like I was some four-year-old who had just run into the house to show her mommy the mean splinter in her finger. My hands should be healed up in a week or two, no problem.

I finally did remember the password. I probably should write it down somewhere.

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