Friday, April 22, 2011

Blistered and Flustered

My hands are still blistered and still wrapped up. For the past two days Cheryl has been the bandage architect, slapping on layers of this creamy stuff, then some pads, then gauze wrapping, then taping and then various final wrappings, the twists and turns of which cause us to argue (over the thumb here; no, under, etc.) until I am the mummy again. To be clear, Cheryl is just as good a bandager as the nurses I've seen this week, and I'm glad she can put up with me.

My burns don't really hurt. They haven't really hurt all week, and this is not a good sign, I'm told by the doctor. I have no complaints in this regard. I can wiggle my fingers freely and type, so everything seems OK. Today I go to the Tampa General burn unit just to be sure.

The project delay is really starting to bother me, though project manager Willow is handling it all in stride, reminding me to take all the time I need, etc. I can never figure her out. Anyway, I am just now to a fun spot--doing the sink and the mirror.

I lined up some tiles to get a general idea of what the mirror will look like on the wall, one row of the small tiles and a border of the rope tiles. In this picture, the mirror is showing a reflection of the wood panel ceiling in the guest bedroom, and you can see a blade of the ceiling fan.

More later.

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