Sunday, April 3, 2011

Complete Vanity

Luckily I inspected our new sink faucets and discovered that I needed some special holes for them (wider at the bottom than at the counter top). After the tile is in place, our vanity will be about 2.5 inches thick--the faucet threads only extend down 1.5 inches. Nice to know this now rather than later.

So, with the faucet holes drilled, I covered the wood in plastic, fastened the backer board on top and then wrapped the edges in mesh tape. It's ready to be tiled when the time comes--I'll start tiling on the walls first.

I got some more good advice from my friend who does this stuff for a living; he recommended a specific trowel to use considering the uneven proportions of my hand-made, sun-dried tiles. (More on that later.)

Next I created a jig for my wet saw. We'll be putting these small accent pieces here and there, and each piece requires 4 tiles to be cut. The jig (upper left of the photo) allows me to drop a tile in place and quickly lop off the right amount.

All in all, it was a very good weekend. Taxes done. Invoices done. Dogs walked. Wife appeased. Vanity done (for now).

I think it's time to tile...

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