Saturday, April 16, 2011

Working in Hyperspace

Placing the tiles for sink vanity is an exercise in three-dimensional geometry, where very slight changes in one dimension can greatly affect all the other dimensions, even those that we cannot even see, but why worry about them because who knows if the people who live there even use the toilet or wash their hands or are interested in anything other than subatomic wave fluctuations and the occasional fuzzball singularity.

In order to allow for full tiles on the counter top, I need to bring two of the 2 x 4 inch bullnose pieces together next to the full tile that will go at the edge. I put masking tap on this relationship because it won't change. But I can slide these three tiles around on the counter top as necessary to let the bullnose hang over the edge.

The bullnose tiles need to overlap the side tiles exactly so that there is a smooth edge. Otherwise your private parts will feel a sharp poke when you bend over the sink, though I do plan to have a big sign in the bathroom that says "No bending over the sink."

So the side tiles that go under these corner bullnoses are attached first (thanks to Mark for this tip), then the three-dimensional assembly is wiggled around until alignment is achieved. Sure, I could have used basic Calculus to set the locations, but I find that wiggling is just as effective.

Meanwhile I'm getting ready to attach the rope tiles above the border. These are really cool.

I also cut a fairly decent hole for this pipe. No one will see it because it will be covered with a decorative piece, but I may show it from time to time.

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