Saturday, May 21, 2011

So Many Things Undone

According to some nutty guy on the radio, the world is supposed to end later today. So Willow called a special meeting at 5:30 this morning. "Wouldn't it be a shame," she said to all of us assembled in the breakfast room, "if we left this earth today, with so many things undone."

I haven't done any work on the bathroom since the fire, but now I'm ready to start again, and, coincidentally, the world is ending on the same day, and it seems that Willow and her upper management team have dreamed up this new way to keep the project on course, beginning with the early morning meeting--early, so there's no time for anyone to develop personal plans for the apocalypse.

She continued with a long pep talk, sounding like an inspired football coach who never gives up, even when the team is about to jump into a lake of fire after halftime. And she had some interesting incentive for me. Apparently, if I can get the sink tiles cut by today, Satan will not be so mean to me this evening.

So let it be recorded as follows: On the last day, management called a meeting, and I went back to work. What better way to prepare for Armageddon?

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