Friday, March 15, 2013

Lost Weekend

There could not have been a more perfect weekend to work on my new fence. The temperature hovered in the 60s, with a sunny sky and a breeze just strong enough to make the wind chimes tinkle.

Except Saturday was the dog walk and dog banquet. No problem, because both of those things are big fun. I could give up Saturday and work all day Sunday.

But no, by Saturday night my head was invaded with allergies and a cold. Coincidentally, Coach became very sick. I spent all of Sunday in bed and poor Coach spent some time in the ER.
Cheryl, trying to get Coach to eat. (He is better now.)

In the business world, this sort of event affects the timeline's critical path. Everything shifts to the right, and it invariably provokes management to call a meeting and analyze and discuss what everyone already knows--there has been an unavoidable delay. These things happen.

Willow, surveying the empty work area and wondering how to explain it to her managers.

Such is the lot for management: they take credit and get blamed for things that are mostly out of their control.

Coming next: taking a vacation.

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