Monday, March 4, 2013

Screw Them (the Pickets)

It's no surprise that following my colossal display of ineptitude and confusion on Saturday, the project manager showed up at the work site first thing Sunday morning. But what did I expect? I couldn't even decide how to attach the pickets. Willow looked at me with one part sympathy and five parts attitude. Time for a meeting.

Nothing tortures me more than a management meeting. There's no time to think, to sit and iron out the problem. Instead there's talking and--brainstorming. But when you drop the ball and the project manager steps in, there's no way to dodge the meeting.

The problem is this: I need to nail up some pickets in a very tight space, with no room to swing a hammer, not even enough room for a regular drill or screw driver.

Then Willow said something that actually caught my attention. "What about an angle driver?" she asked, bringing me back into the meeting.

And there it was in Home Depot--a screw driver small enough for the space. Sure it is taking forever, but it works. My little project manager will never let me live this one down.

There's only about 50 more feet of the tight fencing, and then I'll be able to stand on the other side to finish up, maybe by 2014.

Next: Going around an Oak tree. Dealing with Willow as she micro-manages my every move.

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