Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Oak Sways in the Breeze

We have several oak trees in the fence line, more or less, and this first one is not so noticeable until I actually look up. For years the power company has kept it trimmed so that it is more like a dandelion than a regular oak--the leaves are in a puff at the top.

I knew that the fence would be very close to this tree, but I just didn't want to dwell on it. The top rail is so close that an ant would need to be careful crawling between the tree and the fence when the wind is blowing.

This is what happens when I defer the tough decisions to a later date.

In a few short years the oak will have grown enough to push the fence away and make it lean. I can't just ignore this and go on. After a night's rest I returned to my senses and came up with a plan. I'll cut the rail and attach some extensions so that the tree has room to grow, creating a sort of "U" shape in the fence.

Of course, I can't admit to Willow that I've made a second error in planning--she already is micro-managing me because of the screwdriver fiasco. I'll need to find a time when she's napping to make these changes.

Next: Making the oak detour, pretending that it was my idea all along.

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