Saturday, January 16, 2010

Delayed Effects

This morning I walked out into the backyard and was surprised to see some delayed effects of our cold spell. One of our big ficus trees has suddenly dropped its leaves, filling one end of the pond. Is it dead? Only time will tell. The sister ficus tree, on the other side of the pond, still holds its leaves but they are all black. Why the difference?

Then on to the mango tree, which seemed perfectly fine yesterday, and now I can see a dramatic difference. The leaves are dying from the outside in, the green turning to copper.

For the past three days, the situation in Haiti is growing worse, so many desparate people in such a small place, no place to sleep, no water, no food, no hospitals.

I go back inside and do some research. Here's one place to start.

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  1. Don't give up on the ficus, we had a three day hard freeze here 3 years ago and every ficus in the valley turned solid brown, but they are back, green as heck, you can't tell it ever happened!!!