Sunday, January 24, 2010

Undercover at the Disco Bowling Alley

Yesterday we received another assignment for Bingo, our CIA-engineered puppy who recently has been perfecting the so-called five Tibetan rituals as part of his training, at least that's what we think he's doing in his room--you never know with an adolescent.

In any case he's been very contemplative and all that. Very remote. I have suspicions about what's really happening with him (like he's talking with someone in his own head)... More later, when I get proof. Here he is on a walk.

Anyway, last night we were to rendezvous with the Cuban royal family in a bowling alley (makes sense--loud and busy) where Bingo would execute his assignment. Who know what he might do? Our job is to stay out of his way and play innocent in case things go awry.

I went bowling as a kid sometimes, so I knew what to expect. Thinking back to the lanes in my small home town, I remember the sounds (of course), the smells (stinky feet?), the bright lights (like an IHOP restaurant at night), and the old people in funny shirts who kept score on plastic sheets that were projected onto screens above. Good clean fun, except in my home town these were probably the wild people.

Last night started out pretty much like I remembered. I bowled two gutter balls in a row. But it was a fun party, and I almost forgot that we were waiting on a signal, some sign for Bingo to execute his assignment. He sat quietly by Cheryl, careful not to attract any attention, chanting something in Sanskrit, no doubt. Then it happened. At around 9:00 pm, the lights went dim and we were transported back to a place and time that I thought had disappeared 25 years ago. Lights were flashing, mirror balls spinning, and the sound system poured out a steady bump, bump, bump.


I looked around, and Bingo was gone.

If you zoom the video to full screen and look closely, you'll see Cheryl bowling. She's the last one to bowl, in the middle.