Friday, January 22, 2010

MyCorp Gets Into Politics

About 10 years ago I started a Florida corporation. I'm the president, CEO and the only employee. For the purpose of this post, I'll call the corporation MyCorp.

What exactly is MyCorp? I'm not sure--I started it, but I certainly don't own it. It lives at my address. It has a bank account and a credit card. It buys stuff, like computers and printers. It pays me a salary and keeps what is left over. Otherwise, it's not like a person at all: it doesn't eat, drink, laugh, cry, think, watch movies, play with the dogs or go for walks.

If it were doing better, financially, it might decide to hire more people, especially people who know about business and money. Then it could keep part of their salaries, too. Eventually it would move out and buy a big skyscraper downtown and put its name in big letters on the outside. By this point it will have fired me. Nothing personal. I've known all along that I'm not much of an asset.

Yesterday the Supreme Court decided that a corporation can no longer be limited in the amount of money it spends on political campaigns. So yesterday MyCorp and I had a talk about politics and life in general. Apparently it is still mad at me for not voting for Bush. Looks like my days are numbered.

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