Thursday, January 7, 2010

Frisbee Fun

Long before becoming a management goon, Willow was an accomplished athlete with a silver medal in Frisbee free-style, beaten out in that controversial meet in Athens by a doped-up border collie who took all the gold (and who later was discovered in a Paris bordello, unconscious from what was called compulsive butt-sniffing).

Willow never recovered from that defeat. She turned away from sports, turning instead to the life of scheming corporate stoogery, just like me, though I was never very good at sports, and now I just stand and throw the Frisbee, and take orders.

Willow never turns down a quick game of catch, even when a deadline is near. No hurry this time--we haven't had a deadline or even a project for several months now. When I see her like this, tail wagging, head held high and with the Frisbee in her mouth, I see the happy little puppy of Olympic fame.

Video credits go to my nephew, who also took many great camera shots while he was here.

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