Friday, August 21, 2009

Crown Moulding By Hand

Now that the ceiling boards are in place, it's time for me to take on an unreasonable pursuit: to make my own crown moulding from knotty pine. To give you an idea, here's a scrap piece of crown moulding. It fits at an angle where your walls meet the ceiling, mostly as a decorative effect. Boards like these are made in big factories, while years ago they were handmade by professionals.

The only people who make their own crown moulding today are those insufferable, self-involved, self-deluded boring blowhards who pull you aside and describe (as if you could possible care) all the details of doing such a thing manually instead of just buying it at the hardware store. Not only will I say such things to everyone who comes with 100 yards of our guest room, I will also write about hand-made crown moulding in detail here, because I am so sure that people are secretly fascinated with such things.

OK, mainly I'm doing this because you can't buy crown moulding in knotty pine, and I want it to match the walls. At least I have an excuse.

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