Friday, August 28, 2009

Sanding the Scars

The crown moulding is taking longer than expected, mostly because of the annoying scars on the curved portion of the wood, scars that were created when I pushed the wood over the saw at an angle. Every little imperfect move I made, every breath I took, amplified into gouges and cuts, and these must be sanded out, and some are pretty deep. I can't use the power sander because of the curve, so this all must be done by hand.

I'm not complaining--I love the swish, swish of sandpaper on wood. My problem now is a little CIA-engineered, zen master, secret agent puppy who needs my constant attention. Explain to me how a dog can speak 6 languages, do calculus, send emails, but still cannot resist chewing on shoes, towels, chair legs, table legs, hands, feet, etc. Well, Cheryl won't have to go to school tomorrow, so maybe I can do some sanding.

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