Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Puppy Promotion

With the archway pretty much done, I've started on the ceiling and I've learned that, despite all my preparation and planning, the physical challenge of getting these 8-foot-long floppy boards to stay put while I nailed them to the ceiling was tricky--this was more than a one-person job.

According to original implementation plan from Willow, I was scheduled to spend 55% of my time training the puppy to take my place on this project. Secretly I suspected that the puppy would not be very well equipped for working on the ceiling, and the plan would soon be abandoned (though I remain open-minded on the potential for puppies to do masonry and tile work). On the very first scheduled work day the puppy was a no-show. I went to investigate and found that he and Willow were sequestered in a meeting all morning, laughing and sniffing and nipping each other. By afternoon a new plan was announced: the puppy will be in management training full-time and Cheryl will be helping me as-needed on the ceiling, which is good. I'm convinced, after only the first hour, that Cheryl will be more help than the puppy.

We got about 3 rows up before I dropped the pneumatic gun and cracked the pressure hose, causing a full project stop. I'd been having trouble with the nail gun all day; with one hand on the ceiling I couldn't reach down to pick it up. I tried holding the nail gun between my thighs for a while. Seriously, I did.

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