Thursday, November 27, 2008

The CIA and Other Mysteries

It was nice to have a few days of rest and vacation from projects of all kinds. The Obama team left early this morning after breakfast and coffee, so things are back to normal. It only took a few minutes after they first arrived to sort out all their issues and calm them down. Then we all had a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving and a few more days of rest.

There was one weird incident. I was in the back observing a little white bug on my monk's cap. At least I think it is a monk's cap bush. The new CIA guys and seemed very interested in the bug, but when I quizzed them, they clammed up and pretended nothing was up (though one of them walked off and started talking into her wrist). The guy then asked if we ever found anything... unusual on the property.

"Like a dancing frog?" I asked.

"Anything you see," he said, handing me a small camera, "take a picture with this and we will get it." Here's a shot of the bug. If you click on the photo, you will see it. Look closely (which is all I can say for now).

I was sorry to see Barack leave. He's really a laid back and decent guy. After Christmas he's coming to visit for a few days and help me put in the window for the TV room. Best buds for now...

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