Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Strip It, Strip It

The Window project is finally over. No surprise when our project manager got a bonus and kudos and a big milk bone for all the good work while the rest of us just got a pat on the back. She can really turn on the charm when she needs to. (Enough said.)

I couldn't wait for the presentations to be over so that I could get started with the next project: refinishing the pine table that Cheryl and I bought after we got married. It is really beat up now and full of memories.

For our New Years party, back when we lived in Arizona, we would make tamales and stuff them with peppers and olives. One year we used food coloring to make red tamales but some of the dye spilled on the table and never came out. The table has had many meals, happy Thanksgivings, tea parties, poker games, and countless scars and abuse.

So while the table could use a good sanding, I will try to preserve the patina (and possibly some of the memories) and strip away the old finish using some kind of chemical stripper. Sanding destroys the exterior to reveal a brand new layer of wood. Chemical strippers can also destroy the wood, so it is a delicate process.

I have a long history of failing at this particular task, probably because I cannot resist pulling out the sandpaper and shwish, shwish, shwish. Also, stripping the finish requires stinky chemicals and is messy, though maybe there is a better way that I haven't found yet. This time I will not give in. Under no circumstance will I give in.

The table is back in the breakfast room now, under the window.

While I began work on the table I noticed that Willow and Cheryl had dressed up for the Window project wrap party, and they seemed really sad that I had not been invited. Oh well, maybe next time.

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