Saturday, November 8, 2008

Workers of The World

Yesterday the first coat of finish went on the windows. Cheryl and I had a very busy day. She washed the windows of the back door and skylights, and they look great. I put more varnish on the laundry room floor and did some touch-up painting.

A few days ago I masked off the glass with blue tape so that I wouldn't have to scrape the varnish later. It strikes me that the tape job seems unusually orderly and neat, overlapping in squares just so at the ends. Weird. Neatness is not easily found in our house, especially not in something as temporary as this.

The iPhone camera has a way generating all sorts of interesting effects in low light. In this picture the window frame appears to have an amber glow from the first coat of finish. I wished it actually looked like this--it is more of a natural pine color (unless you squint your eyes really hard).

At the left of the picture is one of the pots that sits on our back porch and you can just see the stone walkway that leads from the fish ponds to the back yard. I can't wait to finish the indoor projects and get started on the outside.

After some mediation and negotiation, Willow has rejoined the project and (though I am forbidden by agreement to discuss the details) she now has the gratuitous title of Project Manager. I have always been amused by the fascination with titles and the concern over who is in charge and all the endless fussing about compensation and benefits. It's always the people who do the actual work who get crapped on.

Anyway, here she is reminding me that while I have pissed away time fussing over the window there is still a gaping hole of concrete between the breakfast room and and living room that needs to be tiled. And have we even picked out the tile yet?

I am tempted to remind her that we have a new president now, and there will be changes. Do-nothing, overpaid, management types: watch your backsides!


  1. And does she get a salary too?

  2. Hmmmm. I changed one account in order to get my work email under the same account I actually use. So that Nothing comment is from me: CD

  3. Hey Fred! This is an interesting blog. On this one I especially like the mix between what work is going on and philosophical musings.

    I recently discussed job titles with a friend. They're overinflated. She works as a cashier and I told here she could make more money by calling herself a "money-product processor". It sounds official anyway. Like something a boss might appreciate.

    Next semester, I'm taking a photojournalism class. Dad said you did your graduate work in the field, and I think you mentioned it too. I'm excited about it. I think with any kind of journalism, the journalist is the one who takes reality and turns it into a story, meaning they see the city or town breathing, living, eating or dying, and then report on it.

    I'm also in the media law class, something i'm referring to as "The Law Scene", because that's what it is. The course is designed to teach us media law and then we work on cases. It's a scene more than a class because there's a feeling of righteous authority in the classroom. It's really more of an experience than anything else.

    I'm more than plenty busy this semester, so I'll definitely have to keep you up to date with what goes on.