Thursday, November 13, 2008


In case you don't know, a few weeks ago I agreed to oversee the $700 billion bailout package. And now that the Window project is over (though I still have some painting to do outside), Washington is bugging me to get on the stick and do something.

I try not to discuss my day job, but sometimes you have to put things in context. Last night all I wanted to do was strip the pine table, but my cell phone kept going off, and I have one of these CIA phones that is hardwired into my brain and I can't really turn it off, so it is hard to concentrate sometimes.

Despite all the distractions, my strategy finally came into focus yesterday. I found a good stripper (not that kind of stripper) that doesn't smell too bad. Even so, Cheryl threw a fit about the stinkiness so I moved the table to the back porch. It works pretty well--you just rub it in with fine steel wool then wipe it off. When I get it stripped, I'll rub in a few coats of Danish oil and then top it off with bees wax. Now I'm wishing that I did this for the window, but it is too late. Maybe I'll do it for the other window.

Redemption is always possible if you look for it.

Anyway, I'm stripping and stripping and the phone keeps going off, and I am getting more annoyed, and finally I answer and tell them to just forget about bailing out the mortgages and do something else with the money. Use it to buy a pickle factory, I said, just quit bothering me while I'm working here.

Then it got dark outside so I had to quit. Don't blame me if things don't work out. I told them I had a lot on my plate this fall.

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