Sunday, November 16, 2008

Paw Prints

What a busy weekend. Cheryl and I found some little one-inch tiles that should work pretty well as the border strip between the living room and breakfast room. I also finished stripping the pine table and then put on two coats of Danish oil and then rubbed in the bees wax finish, which smells like fresh oranges--very nice.

And the Obama team was after me to make a decision on the auto industry bailout. Making the transition to Obama may be difficult. He is an impatient guy already and seems to have a brain of his own (so why call me if you are so smart?), and he's not even in charge yet. I was planning to call him back Sunday but then we had the incident with the floor.

Because the little tiles take on the contour of the floor, I had to put down a skim coat (a thin layer of concrete) to smooth out the bumpy parts. It just took a few minutes, and I got to use this cool tool that attaches to my drill and mixes the concrete. Sweet! Afterwards I went outside to clean my tools. Willow, who was supposed to be in a meeting with Cheryl doing management stuff (while Cheryl actually was reading some vampire romance pop-up figure book), decided to stick her paw right into the fresh concrete then run through the house making cement paw prints with a material that has the sole purpose of sticking quickly and permanently to anything that it touches before it then dries as hard as stone.

So we had to clean the floors quickly and smooth out the skim coat and then meet with Willow for an incident review session (which is management's main purpose in life so that it appears to have some actual purpose)--all the while the Obama team is ringing my brain-phone and bugging me for a plan, as if I didn't have enough to do already.
The pine table looks pretty good, at least. I'm glad I stripped it instead of sanding it.

Today I will set the new tiles and get started on the oak trim to join up the border with the breakfast room. Maybe someday in the future a worker will remodel our house and unearth the paw print and discover what may have caused Ford and GM to go out of business.

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  1. LIes. There was no management meeting. Willow was outside with Fred on a boondoggle. HA! Fred let her roam free and into the concrete.