Saturday, November 15, 2008

Code Name McDude

After her 3-day management seminar (ha ha) in Zihuatanejo, Willow is back on the job and is not pleased that the strip between the breakfast room and living room remains un-tiled. Again with the details about this cursed strip of concrete.

In 1928 the living room was a back porch. And like most porches, the slab was poured at an steep angle to allow rain water to drain. When the area was converted to a living room, the owners patched the slab to make it level but in a drunken spasm they failed to make a clean edge on the north side. Instead, they stopped halfway down (as if they ran out of concrete) and then pushed the breakfast room wood flooring under the tile.

Willow does not want to hear this again, but goes along with me. A few days on the beach can really improve your attitude.

As you can see the concrete is slightly lighter on the right side. This is the part that I poured to make for a straight edge and to replace the void where the wood floor used to extend (almost 6 inches deep by the wall).

Today Cheryl and I will try to find some tile to fit in this area. She is wanting to find something special, something hand made by handsome, muscular Italians who only drink coffee and laugh, so this may be a difficult find. Otherwise I may need to finish the strip with wood, maybe with a cool parquet pattern. In the mean time, I've run out of stripper for the pine table so it sits on the back porch. I started to get more stripper last night but got mesmerized by a movie about Tommy Chong. Too many important things to do.

Also, I'm working out some details with Obama's transition team. My code name is McDude (not my idea). I think it's going to work out OK.

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