Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Doing Right and Feeling Good

We've been deliberating on how to install our new sink. Seeing an opportunity to make Cheryl happy (which is my goal in life), I asked her to go antique shopping to find a table that would work as a vanity for the sink. It would have to be a small table, but a tall one. Off she went.

The other option is for me to build a table into the wall. The sink is opposite the toilet, and the room is only 5 feet wide. Not much wiggle room. Of course, the toilet is not actually in the bathroom now so I'm using my memory and some yoga squatting to see where my knees would go when I sit down. Under the sink, it seems. How would a table even fit?

And if I'm going to build a table top, everything needs to be perfect. I had to own up to the fact that I did a terrible job on the sink wall: the board was not aligned well, it was squeezed into place, the holes for the plumbing appeared to be roughed out with a chain saw, and I didn't put up any moisture barrier (even though there's plenty of water in a sink).

So I redid it all, and now I feel much better.

After a few hours Cheryl returned empty-handed from antique shopping. "You'll have to make the table yourself. There isn't a thing out there." I think she felt better for looking, though.

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