Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Sink Platform

The new sill piece and Willow,
disgusted with me for changing course
I woke up this morning intending to frame the window and doors with new lumber. The old framing was all dinged up and ugly, and it really doesn't fit any more because the walls have all changed position.

I cut out the new sill piece for the window and realized, while holding it in its future position, that I could and should put it on after the tile is in place. Likewise for the door frames since the walls are deeper on one side of each door than the other.

So, instead of tiling up to the framing, I'll do the tile first then rip the framing (I have to do this anyway to compensate for the walls) so that the framing slightly overlaps the tile, giving a nice clean line where wood and tile meet.

OK, then. It's time to build the platform for the sink. I laid out some tile to get an idea how the sink might look. The layout above is about 23 inches wide, but I've decided to make it a little wider. (The sink is only 17 inches wide--it appears bigger in the picture because it's closer to the camera.)

I'm also going to do an angle cut on the front left corner so that it doesn't poke people on the hip as they walk in.

Hopefully I'll get this done today. Then the tiling begins.

I had grown comfortable with the idea of framing because it's my favorite thing to do. I like cutting wood, sanding wood, nailing wood. Downstairs I walked past Cheryl and said, "I think it may be time to start tiling." But she looked confused, as if to say "how it could not be time to start tiling."

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