Monday, March 14, 2011

Goal-Driven Wallboard

My right thumb has an ugly bruise today, sore and ugly and inexplicable because it is one of those bruises that you get from a misplaced hammer blow, only I never ever swing the hammer with my left hand. I suspect that Cheryl is hitting me with a hammer in my sleep, and this is my best proof so far.

Yesterday was one of those goal-driven days. I was determined to get the wall board for the shower in place, and I did it (well, almost).

On one wall I had to cut out holes for the bathtub spout, the shower handle and the shower head at the top, and these cuts needed to be pretty precise. I drew out the cut lines in blue pencil. Then I cut them using a new diamond blade on my saber saw. All in all, I probably spend more time previewing and thinking through these tasks in my mind, particular in the early morning when I first wake up, than I actually spend doing the work.

Everything lined up pretty well. Cheryl had to help me with the ceiling piece, which is 5 x 3 feet, meaning that I will need to hang 60 tiles upside down--the thought of it will begin to haunt my dreams soon.

The next step is to tape and seal all the edges with thinset so that we have a solid concrete box for the tile.

Berkeley was pleased. She likes to see results, likes to check items off the check sheet, likes to see milestone achieved and schedules met, never mind about quality. She was not concerned about my thumb. A new era of management has begun.

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