Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Electrical Box

With Berkeley away at school and occupied with other matters today, Willow and I put our differences aside and had a meeting, despite the fact that she could be fired when Berkeley and her other corporate dog overlords discover that she's been collective bargaining with me. Meanwhile I have joined the local Do-It-YourSelf Union, Branch 203. I still haven't actually gone to a meeting since I hate meetings and would rather just work on the project, but I suppose I felt the need to support my fellow workers.

Apparently Willow wants us to get everything back to normal. Sure, she says, our negotiations are messy, but that's how we get things done. She says she never wanted to be a dictator--she just likes managing proects. It was all a corporate decision, etc., etc., she wants me to know. We'll see.

So I'm not sure if I should be working or not, but today I completed my only electrical task: to move the light above the sink to a higher position. (The old location is about 9 inches down.) To do this I had to carve out an opening in one of the 2x4 furring strips. This wall is about 8 in. thick in total, with a criss-cross of lumber inside.

Normally I like to do electric work without turning the power off, just so I get a little shocked, after which I always seem to feel better so I don't mind. Today I turned off the power so I could thread the wires to their new location. I could go shock myself on purpose but that seems a little weird.

Why move the box at all? Because I promised Cheryl I would make a big tile border for a mirror here. More later...

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