Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Smudge of Ink

About 25% of the bathroom wall space will be painted instead of tiled, so it gets drywall instead of backer board. Drywall is much easier to cut and install--it's nothing more than a hard sandwich of talcum powder.

The trickiest piece of drywall had two cuts: a little one for the light fixture above the sink and one for the air duct. I measured the openings and then drew them onto the board along with a big FRED. Like every single thing I've done to this point, my signature will be not be visible at the project's end. If this is a metaphor for life I'm not inclined to pursue it here...

...Or maybe I will. Yes, my signature will first be covered with some spray-on texture stuff we found at Home Depot--if it works. Otherwise I'll use a sponge or something to emulate the plaster texture (called orange peel texture) that's on most of the walls in the house. Then it will get a couple coats of paint.

Like me, my signature will be buried and forgotten before too long, a smudge of ink covered in sand. Too gloomy? (Can't a guy be gloomy now and then?)

Anyway, I hate doing drywall, and I always have. It is too forgiving, too flimsy and artificial, though it may last for centuries. (I don't care.)

Very soon, the project becomes visible: tile, texture, paint. Maybe I should sign the wall after I paint?

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