Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stepping Up

By mistake I picked up the white thinset at the store. It really sticks out on the edges I finished up yesterday. I suppose the white is for people who are planning to use a white grout--I'll be using gray instead, so I guess I'll go get the gray thinset, just to stay on the straight and narrow.

I've been thinking about the Libya problem, and it all goes back to my days as a musician, playing at redneck bars and clubs, where it was not uncommon early in the morning, out in the parking lot, to see some drunk guy being mean to his girlfriend or wife, grabbing her by the arm and yelling, punishing her for his own pathetic existence.

The police would be called, and the guy led away in handcuffs, though you would see him (and the woman) back again in a few nights. Still, something has to be done.

But what about a civil war? Can you protect the innocent people on one side and not the other? And can you ignore one country (Sudan) and not another just because of oil? Isn't that like the police arresting the drunk guy just because they think his girlfriend is cute?

Cheryl made one last attempt at the antique store to find a small cabinet for our sink. Looks like I'll be building the vanity into the wall. Oh, well, it's easier than managing world politics.

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